The CTI-MIP is open to filmmakers, producers, writers, animators, and media practitioners from the Caribbean and its Diaspora.  The core market for Projects is the English-speaking Caribbean and its diaspora, however the program is also open to producers from the wider diaspora including North and South America, Europe,  Africa and India.  

The Program is specifically targeted towards the creation of original, long-running half-hour series content, with a focus on market sustainability. We are looking to develop content that has the capacity to extend over many seasons.

Up to 10 projects will be selected on a competitive basis based on

  1. the quality of the proposal and
  2. participants’ previous work, and/or contributions to the Regional film industry.


  • The applicant must submit a concept and script that has the potential to be developed into a long-running series of at least 13 and up to 52 episodes
  • The project can be either fiction, documentary or animation, and must fit into the format of episodic television series
  • The project must be owned or co-owned by a Caribbean national, or person of Caribbean heritage.
  • The team must include at least 1 producer with a strong track record and significant production experience in film and television.
  • The project must have a clearly defined audience.

The CaribbeanTales Incubator (CTI) is a year-round development and production hub, for Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora Producers, that aims to create strong compelling and sustainable content for the global market. The ultimate goal of the CTI is to increase the pool of, world-class, indigenous film and television content, so as to build the region’s audiovisual capacity.

CTi is sponsored by Flow, the Caribbean’s leading TV and communications provider, as part of its commitment to the development of the Caribbean filmmaking industry.



This list is not for the faint of heart!

To apply to this program, all items listed are necessary for evaluation

  • Contact Information
  • Names of Key Team Members
  • *Director
  • *Producer
  • *Writer
  • Bios for each Team Member (100 words)
  • Filmography for each Team Member (most recent only)
  • Series Title
  • Project Image
  • Brief Synopsis
  • Number of Episodes (for first season)
  • Full Series Bible
  • Genre
  • Series Synopsis
  • Pilot Episode Synopsis
  • Episode Descriptions (1 liners for first season) * correct in actual
  • Budget Top Sheet (for pilot episode only) must be PDF
  • Financing Plan must be PDF
  • Marketing Plan must be PDF
  • Pilot Script ( TV half-hour preference) must be PDF and formatted properly.
  • Series Poster Image (must be JPG)
  • 1 Minute Pitch video – Can be shot on phone, but MUST be horizontal  – Length: 1 minute Format: .h264 mp4 1080p Host: YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox