Plain Sight

Set against the backdrop of a deceptively idyllic island where danger lurks in Plain Sight, this series centers on the complex relationship between two headstrong, bright and ambitious characters -- James, a ruthless crime lord, and Sarah, a shrewd forensic detective who returns to Trinidad when her sister is murdered. This murder opens a Pandora's box of events with far reaching implications. Plain Sight examines the humanity and moral ambiguity within the classes. Inspired by real life events, this character driven series seeks to humanize both sides of the divide while addressing the collective culpability for our current situation.


Project Lead

Danielle Dieffenthaller

Danielle Dieffenthaller has over 20 years experience in the television and film industry. She is committed to telling the Caribbean story through quality dramatic and documentary film and television productions. She is the owner/producer/director of Diefferent Style Flims Ltd., which produced the popular television series Iere Vibe and The Reef. Ms Dieffenthaller was also the force behind the television production company Earth TV Ltd. She produced, directed and co-wrote of the critically acclaimed Ecowatch series and the groundbreaking Westwood Park. She has worked with Trinidad and Tobago Television, the UK-based production company Bandung Productions and the production house Banyan Ltd. She and another crew member captured the events of the 1990 Coup in Trinidad. Ms. Dieffenthaller's numerous credits include educational, environmental and corporate projects for local, regional and international audiences. She has produced and directed several music videos.

2018 Market Incubator Program