Big Man Dan is an animated comedy web series following the hilarious antics of Dan, a man with a magnetic attraction to trouble and a talent for telling tall tales. Each episode finds Dan at the mercy of his feisty girlfriend, Sheila, who demands an explanation for Dan's latest misbehavior. Dan's explanations take us into his larger than life imagination – a world where cockroaches know karate and girlfriends jump on rocket-ships when they “need space.” Targeting young adults, the stories in the series start out as ordinary days in the life of a Caribbean man but veer into a fantasy world that breaks all the physical rules of reality. The team behind the project chose the medium of animation for its unlimited visual potential. Inspired by record-breaking YouTube animated shorts collection, Simon's Cat, the stylistic treatment of the Big Man Dan series is minimalistic with black and white animation.


Project Lead

Kafi Kareem

Trinidad and Tobago native Kafi Kareem Farrell is a screenwriter and multi-platform media producer. Through her company, Story Play, she is on a mission to engage audiences with quality scripted content that celebrates Caribbean cultures. The magic of filmmaking, in Kafi's view, lies in bringing together talented practitioners who excel, technically and creatively, in their respective crafts. “It starts with a good story. But it's ultimately about collaboration,” she says. Kafi's international portfolio of work includes projects for The Walt Disney Company and Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). She is the recipient of a 2012 LA WebFest prize for Outstanding Comedy.

2018 Market Incubator Program