Mandisa Pantin

After taking a course in Camera Operation, Mandisa Pantin got entranced enough to close the family business that she was managing in 2007 in order to plunge fulltime into freelancing in the Television Industry, where she had begun functioning as a Camera and Production Assistant in many commercial productions both in film and video. At the same time she worked as a Camera Operator in other television shows and live events.

She also was involved in scriptwriting from the beginning of her involvement in the Television Industry, writing the script for the course production Magnificent Seven, a documentary on the Magnificent Seven buildings around the Savannah; Clever Sales a spoof on a commercial, as well as her own production, a children’s story, Tooth Fairy in 2006. During this time she honed her editing skills in these productions and added editing to her freelancing repertoire, as well as assisting students in the Secondary School Film Competition in 2007 and 2008. She also produced and directed a music video, This Christmas in December 2007 with singer Eldon Blackman.