Black Mariah

The 1700s were the pinnacle of Caribbean piracy. Europeans colonialized and plundered the islands, decimating Amerindian populations and enslaving Africans to work on plantations. On the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Mariah, the love child of an enslaved African woman and a Welsh plantation owner, is prophesied to save her people, a mission she persistently rejects. To secure Mariah's inheritance, her father marries her to a penniless Englishman, Lord Henry Wellington. When the marriage fails miserably, Mariah is left homeless and destitute. Refusing to be beaten, Mariah turns to piracy to regain her inheritance.


Project Lead

Michael Mosca

As head of Equinoxe Films since 1996, which he purchased in 2009, Michael Mosca has played a pivotal role in the strategic management and profitability for the company's various divisions. Under his leadership, the company establishing a production arm, which kicked off with a multi award winning feature film in 2005, Un Dimanche à Kigali (A Sunday in Kigali). Equinox also acquires and distributes film and television properties in Canada and around the world. His most recent productions include award-winning A Million Colours (2011), a powerful story set in the last few years of apartheid; and Winnie (2012), a drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela starring Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Oscar nominated Terrence Howard. Mr. Mosca's career in the film business spans over 30 years, in both distribution and exhibition. He is President of the Motion Pictures Pioneers Association of Quebec and is also a Member of the Board of Cine Québec. He has been working with Trinidadian born, Canadian-based, writer Maureen Hill for over a decade, developing the concept of Black Mariah, which Equinoxe will produce as a six-part mini-series

2018 Market Incubator Program