The Wonderful World of Myat

In the ancient kingdom of Kemet there lives a magical girl named Myat who can fly like a bird and swim like a fish! Her older brother Tutu is a junior super-explorer and her mother Asha, and Father Ogun can talk to plants and grow anything! In every episode of this thirteen part series Myat and her family learn valuable life-lessons during fantastic adventures! Whether it's a quest to overcome her fear of the dark, stopping a war between mankind and giant sea creatures, or jetting into outer space, Myat is wonderful for the entire family!


Project Lead

Omar Lewis

Whether exhibiting animation in the Museum of Modern Art Affiliate P.S. 1 Center for Contemporary art, illustrating for Marvel Comics, creating Crab Catcher... the Caribbean's first studio produced video game, or twenty years of art educating including full-time lecturing for the Caribbean's first English speaking university animation program- Trinidad born and New York City raised Omar Lewis has always put creativity passion and love at forefront of all his endeavours.

2018 Market Incubator Program