West Bay

Home and heart don’t always connect. Fayanne Laurens is reluctantly repatriated into the fishing village she spent her life escaping. When the world she has built for herself crumbles, she runs back home to find solace. Instead, she finds herself at the centre of a waterfront disaster that opens her heart and mind to the delicate balance between nature and the town of West Bay. The TPJ Group series, created by Rachel Osbourne and Leandra Grant, explores the ideas of community and ambition and how the two can fuel and destroy each other. Fayanne and friend Leeyon traverse the world of illegal sea activity while dealing with secrets, lies, and corporate corruption. Fayanne’s fight-or-flight instinct is tested again and again as the two find themselves plunged deep into the world of marine politics- depths from which they, and the town of West Bay, may not emerge.


Project Lead

Rachel Osbourne

Rachel Osbourne is the founder of talent management and entertainment company TPJ Group. The company provides counsel, generates opportunities and develops projects for clients in television, film, music, and the visual and performing arts. A 2012 journalism graduate of Seneca College of Applied Arts (Toronto, Ontario), Rachel’s passion for telling Caribbean stories was ignited during her stint as Assistant Vice President of Original Video at eMedia Interactive Ltd. (Kingston, Jamaica) where she was in charge of the company’s SVOD platform iVu tv. West Bay is Rachel’s first production under the TPJ Group umbrella.

2018 Market Incubator Program