Life with the Ramsinghs

"Life with the Ramsinghs" is a look through a window to the past at a small fishing village in South Triniadad during the 1960s that centres around the Ramsinghs. Rajesh is the son of illiterate parents, Ramingh, an alcoholic and Joyce, a housewife. He soars academically and attempts to win an open scholarship in medicine and make his mother's dreams come true. In doing so, he hopes to win the approval of the parents of Indira, the girl he loves. They are the wealthy estate owners in the village and her mothers' hate for poor people is matched only by her love for riches. the story explores the village life of six families in a most comedic and dramatic way that would have you laughing and even shedding tears.


Project Lead

Rampaul Banseelal

Rampaul Banseelal was introduced to theatre at a tender age. He then went on to capture many awards as an actor, play write, director and producer. He then ventured into film. He is currently working on 'Life with the Ramsinghs" Season Two and soon to be in production of "Infidel's Touch" and 'Atlantis" a Documentary.

2018 Market Incubator Program