Gippie's Kingdom

Gippie's Kingdom tells the story of three generations of the Gibson family. Everett Harrison Gibson, Gippie, is an enterprising businessman finds himself in the middle of the storms that engulf his children: his eldest son Junior, the playboy pharmacist, his eldest daughter Monique, who finds herself in a troubled marriage, his youngest daughter Everena, the College student attracted to the dangerous side of life, and his "outside son" Evan, who is too smart to fail but too angry to follow the rules.


Project Lead

Tracy-Ann Perpall

Icon Award nominee that wields the power of the Internet as a platform for risqueŽ video blogs/sketches, "Tap's Vlogs" and with over 20,000 social media followers and youtube views amassing approximately 1 million and counting. Her videos have been featured on platforms such as Tyler Perry's talent search, Island 360, WorldStarHipHop, The Nassau Guardian, The Tribune, ELifeMagazine, NuWoman Magazine, ZNS, Cable 12 and numerous online articles and local publications. She has hosted several television specials including the Bahamas' first televised soap opera, Gippie's Kingdom Season 1 and 2 Premiere and the Icon Awards.

2018 Market Incubator Program