TRANScribe is a travel series of 13 30-minute documentary episodes that explores and celebrates African and African diaspora writers and their connections to places that have inspired them. We take writers back to physical sources of inspiration for their story telling. It will be a visually captivating celebration of Africa and African diaspora and its magical, mystical and tragic places, buried in the souls of these writers. Places that have driven these writers to craft narratives in which location is as essential as the characters. We also celebrate the writers. Writers are never bystanders. They absorb what is around them and tell stories about them. They tend to be present when others are simply passersby. Places have power because of what happens there or within them. We are interested in places that are seared in the memory, places that the writers have carried with them. The drama in the series will come from the telling of these connections. We seek to discover, through the writer’s involvement, what role a given location plays in their cultural and or social memory and why it has stuck with them and found its way into their work. Each episode will feature a different writer. Each episode will leave the viewer with newfound understanding of a place or events they may have heard about, a new way of seeing the work of a writer they are familiar with and new insights into Africa and its diaspora.  


Project Lead

Karen Mafundikwa


2018 Market Incubator Program