Woody Stone

Woody Stone has a gift. By looking into someone’s eyes, she can see their point of view – literally. She uses her gift to fight injustice by wielding the power of the pen as an investigative reporter.


Gustavius Renwick Writer/Director/Producer - Renwick is an award-winning writer/director from The Bahamas. He studied theater at Florida A&M University and returned to The Bahamas to work as a staff reporter for The Tribune newspaper. Renwick’s eye for socially-driven stories drives his work creating and producing films, TV series, and commercials that empower, provoke, and entertain. Renwick started his film production company Built for Load Filmworks with a mission to reframe the narrative of the Caribbean. Producer/Writer/Director Woody Stone Series (In development) Built for Load Series (In development) Alternative Insurance Company Ad Campaign Contact Zone Crude Unexpected Love - Esnavi Music Video Screenplays In Development Built for Load Series Built for Load Heading North
Omo-Bisi Daniels Co-Creator Bisi is a Guyanese-American producer based in the United Kingdom. Her career spans from political campaigning and activism in her early 20s to her current career in Financial Services and her role in film production. She was named to the Top 100 Female professionals by WeAreThe City, which is committed to empowering people others to be their best self. Her vision is to empower women and young people from marginalised backgrounds to rise above the stigma and be their best self. She received a B.A from Rutgers University in Political Science and an M.S. from St. Johns University in Risk Management.
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Gustavius Renwick

Omo-Bisi Daniels


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