Lil' Island Kidz is a children's book and animated series about four inseparable friends who use their talents to save the day or solve personal predicaments on Lil’ Island, a mystical island in the Caribbean symbolic of that melting pot of cultures. The main characters are Yalena, the whiz kid, Lynn, the sports star, Jo, the artiste, and Anil, Lynn’s mischievous tag along brother, who uses it as an excuse to see his crush, Jo. The unique thing about Lil' Island Kidz is that they are undeniably all different- in physical appearance, personalities and interests, but very much alike in their ability to think big and work together to achieve a common goal. The target demographic for the series is pre-teen girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 11 years. The core audience would be producers for educational, culturally diverse content and general children programming.


Project Lead

Yolande Clarke

Born and raised in Jamaica, she attended the University of the West Indies, and graduated with an Accounting Degree but she started the Lil’ Island Kidz project as a children's book called ‘Yalena and the Spelling Bee’ and she was inspired to animate the series because she grew up without seeing Caribbean representation in cartoons. She won the 2016 Kingstoon Fest Storyboard award from the World Bank. Her hope is to build awareness to the international community about the Caribbean; its diversity and culture, while inspiring kidz to believe in their abilities to succeed.

2018 Market Incubator Program