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Series Pilots

Directed by Alain Bidard

Martinique. Episodes: 10 X 24min. Genre: Animation.

Will a young black female slave succeed in defeating her master and bringing down his machiavellian empire in this futuristic world where the plantations are video games?

BattleDream Chronicles – the Series

Directed by Mariette Monpierre

An immigrant story, in a millennial way, set in the heart of New York City – the ultimate destination. A half-hour comedy pilot about four women from different Caribbean islands trying to make it in NYC.

Caribbean Girl NYC

Directed By Menelik Shabazz

Race and passion clash in tropical Barbados when a wealthy white man kills his wife’s black lover and expects to get away with it. This sets in motion a day of reckoning with the dead man’s wife who has evidence to destroy his empire of lies.



Directed by Frances-Anne Solomon

Inspired by the Life and Times of Ulric Cross. A young man, from a small island, born with a dream, a Builder of Nations.


Directed by Mary Wells

Drama · A hustler’s journey into chaos to steal a car and his lady friends dream for peace from a painting, forces a crime that changes their lives forever.

Kingston Paradise