Finding Zendaya



Patricia Bebia Mawa 

Finding Zendaya is the story of a young Canadian dancer, whose father is from Southern Africa. 

Often confronted by the complexity of her mixed heritage, Zendaya feels incomplete and decides to travel to South Africa to connect with her roots. While there, she trains at a dance studio learning both the warrior dance, and the love dance as well as learning to speak the local Xhosa language. 

During this process of discovery Zendaya falls in love with a local dance instructor, Bandile. Being treated as a foreigner, Zendaya sees that coming home to her roots is a painful process. It affects both her dreams and her romance with Bandile.

Amidst the challenges, Zendaya and Bandile are still drawn to each other. 

Eventually Zendaya must learn to overcome the prejudices and connect with her true self. In the words of Kwame Nkrumah: “I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.” 

Patricia Bebia Mawa

Patricia Bebia Mawa is the Executive Vice President of Silvertrust Media and Afroglobal Television, as well as the host of the Planet Africa show on Omni TV. Patricia has directed and produced over 15 television programs including The Visionaries, The Golden Button and Standing Ovation. She is the Associate Publisher of Excellence, Envision and Destiny Magazines. In 2008 Silvertrust Media, introduced the Discover magazine series, which has since released over 20 titles and editions for countries. Listed in the Who’s Who in Black Canada, she is a recipient of the Toronto Police Community Service Award, the International Women Achievers Award, the Martin Luther King DreamKeeper Award and a Queen Elizabeth’s 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal. She is the co-founder of the Crossover Mentorship Program, a youth empowerment initiative, Patricia was featured as Woman Of The Week in Women’s Post. Patricia and her husband Moses have been featured on CNN International in a half hour special. In March 2016, the duo launched Afroglobal Television, a 24-hour television channel that is currently on Rogers Cable, Bell Fibe, Eastlink and Telus across Canada. In 2018, Patricia co-authored the 150 Extraordinary Canadians Legacy book, with a foreword by the Right Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Folasewa Babalola

Folasewa Babalola is an aspiring screenwriter and student at Humber’s Film and Multiplatform Storytelling focusing on producing film and media content tailored for multiplatform delivery.

 She is grateful to Caribbean Tales Incubator for the opportunity to train as a co-producer and hone her creative and business skills. Diversity within the film industry is important because it is a way to make people feel accepted and allows a fresh injection of unique ideas into otherwise well-explored genres of film. Diversity is not limited to race or culture, but can include life experiences and perspectives as well.

Folasewa’s available for internships and is always looking for new opportunities to learn and gain experience within Toronto’s growing film industry.