Bridget Pickering

In the remote northern Namibian village of Oshaantu, two women, ALI and KAUNA, form a friendship which sees them though the criticism of prying pious neighbours. The village is steeped in severe Christian traditions and oppressive cultural norms but the two women find space to laugh at the seriousness and silliness of it all.  A disgraced daughter of an outspoken divorcee, Ali is also pregnant out of wedlock. Having undergone the humiliating Forgiveness ceremony to be forgiven for her sins, and having endured the icy reception of her future in laws, Ali’s fiery spirit remains intact. 

Ali befriends the timid, shy Kauna, and  Kauna is drawn to the boisterous, scandal ridden Ali, even though her life is very different. Kauna, was a wide-eyed virgin when she married her abusive and cheating husband. When he dies, the earth opens up and all manner of creatures crawl out, in the form of  long lost relatives, who by traditional law and custom, and pure greed and gumption, stand to inherit from the man’s estate. His widow is at their mercy. Accusations of witchcraft, murder and adultery are the order of the day. Aided by her friend Ali, Kauna must navigate the icy terrain of their community, where she is likely to lose everything – perhaps even her life.  


Bridget Pickering was the South African co-producer on Hotel Rwanda, the Terry George Oscar-nominated feature film. 

She started her career as a Casting Associate with Bonnie Timmermann at Universal Pictures on films such as The Last of the Mohicans and Glengarry Glen Ross. She co-produced the feature project Taste of Rain directed by Richard Pakleppa, and the Chmeo Club a comedy heist film. She has produced eleven television drama series for national broadcaster SABC and commercial broadcaster, ETV. 

Bridget is currently in pre-production on her next feature, The Night Outside.