Fede Blanco

Armando Capó

Nara and Josue are two brothers who live isolated in an old house of wood. A congenital disease in the skin that makes impossible for them to go out in the light of day. 

The sudden death of their mother forces them to discover their new roles in the family. Nara, besieged by her dreams, starts to feel that something is missing. 

Josue leaves the house to confront the sun. Nara grows in solitude, she discovers and understands the real motive of her brother’s departure. The anguish stops. 

At her brother’s return, Nara takes of the lead of her new family.

Rosa Maria Rodriguez

Rosa María Rodríguez Pupo Cuban director, screenwriter, and actress. Her most recent film I Love Papuchi won the Cenesex award in the past Muestra joven ICAIC. Her short film La Costurera was the winner of many awards.

Rosa has directed various theatre shows and has written texts for theater and cinema. 

During various years she has dedicated to teaching in the specialty of acting and stage direction. One of her texts, Culpa, winner of the Beca de Creación Milanés de la Asociación Hermanos Saíz (AHS) was released in 2013. 

At present, her documentary film, Órgano, al ritmo del son molío, is in post-production.