Frank F. Carvajal

Somewhere between the Cemetery of Colón and the Revolution Square, live an old woman and a child. He resides in the same house with leaks where his great-grandmother was born, a former slave, and one day he wants to leave the country to a big house he dreams of. 

The old woman dreams about him: the boy is the reflection of her own life. Heirs to the same conflicts as their ancestors, they open a universe that is not found either in the past or present, but rather trapped in a time-wheel, where the living and the dead cohabitate. 

The day they find each other, they will send a message to their predecessors, their saints and their nation.


Ayleen worked as Assistant Director to Cuban filmmaker Eduardo del Llano on his latest production, Domino (2017), Rállame la Zanahoria (2018),and Two Veterans (2019). 

In 2018 she served as a Post-Production Producer in the documentary Los Cercanos Días del Amor (2018), directed by Yosiri López- Silvero. 

In 2017 she was co-tutor of the Diploma Work of Frank E. Fernández in option to the Title of Audiovisual Production granted by the University of the Arts (ISA). 

She recently received an International Diploma from the Script Specialization Workshop awarded by the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños EICTV (2019). 

Currently she is director and screenwriter of the documentary project La Tumba y El Papalote, co-directed with Frank E. Fernández.

Frank Carvajal

Graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Media in the Profile of Audiovisual Production from the University of Arts (ISA).

 In 2010 he co-directed, with Lester Sibila, the documentary, Calle 13 in Havana, from the Cuban Institute of Music, and worked as a Producer and Assistant Director of Dos Más Suman from director Adriana Gil. 

General Producer of the short film La Muerte del Cisne, by Zarima Proveyer; the short film Épica, of the Nicanor Series from filmmaker Eduardo del Llano; fictional short film Cada Lunes y Cada Lluvia, by filmmaker Rocío Aballí; short film El Vals de Claudia from filmmaker Natalie Gómez Carpio; General Producer of the Noticiero de la Muestra Joven del ICAIC;  the documentary Los Cercanos días del Amor, by filmmaker Yosiri-López Silvero. 

He currently writes, directs and produces the documentary La tumba y el papalote.